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Post  Nanodo on Sat Dec 24, 2011 10:54 pm

since we now have a place for this kind of stuff, i might as well... I just felt like posting this somewhere, because the only person who has read it is my mom :'} i wrote it a while ago, but i kind of like it.... this is just the prologue, but if anyone wants me to, i can post more, because i have several chapters finished...


I couldn't tell if I was awake or sleeping. The darkness encasing my fragile, trembling body was electric and hissing, demanding that I give myself over to it. I wouldn't, not after so many failures, not after so many hundreds of short, horrifying lives. I could feel that same numbness beginning to creep through me, though, despite my defiant thoughts. All I could do in this state was tremble and wish that I could cry.

It didn't appear that I had been gifted with that luxury.

Although I had not yet reached the stage of being able to feel anything physically, I knew that I was strapped down by cold steel shackles, perhaps made from the very same material as my not yet beating heart. I also was certain that I was not alone. Someone was most definitely nearby, maybe even right next to me.

Back before I had lived so many lives, I used to fantasize about this person. Were they tall or short? Was their smile kind? Did they have people they loved, or were they lonely like me? There had been occasions that I had spent entire failed lifetimes musing about this one human.

The cold numbness urgently continued its race through my body. It's almost time now, I would be ambushed by my too sharp senses demanding attention to every detail, analyzing every new yet dreadfully familiar feature of the sterile cold cell of my consciousness.

I could hear a sound, almost like a rush of wind without the sensation. An intense pressure was beginning to build behind my eyes. There was no fighting it now, I was done for. It was hopeless to struggle against my fate now.

Feeling slowly began to trickle through my body as my pseudo sensory neurons were activated. Light was beginning to seep through my closed eyelids and I could smell chemicals in the air, particularly the single chemical that was responsible for my creation.

All the while my consciousness was growing weary. My thoughts felt heavy in my head and I could feel my memories being sucked from my mind. My spirit was growing weaker and weaker until there was not even enough left to cling to.

Quietly, it died…

And, trembling, I was born…


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Post  obnoxiouslittleWynter on Sun Dec 25, 2011 8:45 am


i'd like to read it all the way through!

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